Starting Again

28 08 2014

Acting Coach……. check

New Headshots done by the incredible Robert Larriviere………. check

Suzuki Method of Actor Training class set up to teach others and reawaken my spirit…….. check


I am renewing my belief in the idea that whatever you are putting your focus on  in your life, is what you will end up doing.


For fear of financial consequences I have been putting my focus anywhere EXCEPT on acting and improving myself as an actor.


So I am going back to basics.

Getting back in touch with my Speech & Debate self.  The one who walked into finals rooms and heard, “Crap, SHE’S in my room.”  I used to be a force to be reckoned with.  I am again.


This is not ego-maniac stuff.  This is reclaiming your power, and using it for good – particularly for the good that leads to a career, not a hobby.  


Look out!


Check our my new longer demo.  I have a nice. neat, sleek short one for whenever it’s needed, but this – this is more of a tribute to the work I have been doing over the last 10 years.  🙂



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