6 12 2014

For reference, read my post entitled “FEAR” from a while back.  Summary:  my rant on how everyone in the tv/film business is so afraid of losing what they have – even people on the TOP.

I have to revise that statement, as often happens when I get ranty or angry about something.  It is a common theme in my life:  I get upset about something I think I KNOW or have FIGURED OUT, I talk about it… usually a lot.  I write about it.

Then, a bit after I have ranted about the topic, I am shown the opposite of what I thought I KNEW.  I am given an example, and often EXAMPLESSSSSSS that prove my point wrong.  Well, not wrong necessarily, but limited.  I cannot explain how many times this has happened in my life.

SO, not everyone is afraid in this business.  Not everyone succumbs to the “pressure” of the working environment.

I can’t go into details, but I am working with someone right now who is amazing, and is definitely famous.  I say that not to brag, but to prove a point.  This person is at the top of their game.  In the middle of filming a particularly difficult scene for MY character, I said, “I would love to pick your brain about something.”  The actor readily nodded and agreed, saying, “Ask me whatever you want!”  Here is what I asked, “How do you deal with the constant pressure on set to perform? Just the pressure of having to get it right – and get it as soon as possible?”

The actor looked at me very seriously and said, “I am aware that there is pressure out there,” the actor made a circular gesture, “and if I let myself think about that it will make me cry.”  I nodded.  Been there myself.  Then the actor said, “So, I am aware that pressure is out there, but as far as I am concerned it doesn’t exist.  It doesn’t touch me.”

This is why this actor is famous.  Talented?  Absolutely.  Good looks?  Definitely!  But this ability to transcend the pressure… that is what makes this actor the extraordinary celebrity they are.



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