Beginnings of Acting Book

8 03 2015

I haven’t really thought about writing a book on acting until now. I never felt like I really knew what I would say that hasn’t already been said. Recently, it occurred to me that perhaps it didn’t matter IF what I have to say has already been said, and that perhaps, my thoughts might be of USE to someone else who is pursuing acting as a career. There have been many great teachers in my past, and many great books that have been a source of inspiration to me in my continuing studies. Perhaps the most influential book for me has been Uta Hagen’s RESPECT FOR ACTING. Several others have been instrumental in my work throughout the years, but RESPECT FOR ACTING was the first book that gave me a sense of true purpose as an artist. The book placed a VALUE on acting, and on developing the craft of acting, that made sense to me. I lost myself in that book like I could lose myself in a great novel.

So, with that said, here are my own thoughts on the craft of acting, with a little history about myself to start. I simply wish to covey my experiences, in the hopes that they are useful to other actors, young and old, aspiring and contemplating, out there wondering about the how and whys of the craft. This is one woman’s experience.

More another day….




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