High School to Grad School

13 03 2015

From there, I was blessed with a junior high and high school drama teacher, Mr Block, who basically gave me free rein to do ANY pieces I wanted for Speech & Debate competitions. Like, stuff I had NO BUSINESS doing – DEATH AND THE MAIDEN as a dramatic piece (I played ALL the characters). That piece in particular was very disturbing for the local Moms who often judged the tournaments. Also, THE SEARCH FOR SIGNS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE, the Lily Tomlin play – which I though was hysterical…. but I had an odd sense of humor.

I decided to study acting in college, earning my BA from Greensboro College – the tiny United Methodist College, not UNCG. The program was very demanding: actors were required to do just as much tech work as acting work. The hours were long, the grades sometimes seemed unfair, but I learned what hard work was for sure. I studied primarily Western acting techniques – Stanislavski, Meisner, the like. How does a girl from New Orleans just happen end up at a tiny United Methodist college in Greensboro? My father accidentally called Greensboro College iNSTEAD of UNCG.

This type of occurrence is a pretty regular thing in my life.

When I got to my senior year at Greensboro College, the department head, David Schram, insisted that I do the University Resident Theatre Auditions (URTAs). I was adamantly against doing them. I just wanted to GO TO NEW YORK AND START MY CAREER!!! But, I said I would (reluctantly) do the auditions anyway, just to DO THEM. In case, one day, I might want to go to graduate school.

URTAs are held in a few major cities every year, and the department heads from several graduate schools throughout the US attend. There is a screening audition first, and if you pass the screening audition, you are given a chance to audition in front of all 30+ grad schools. It is the typical short audition: one classical monologue, one contemporary, and a bit of a song. I HATE this kind of audition. I also think it is a little pointless, even all these years later. All these auditions tell ME as a director, is that you can audition well. But I digress…

More later…




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