Grad School – And Some Thoughts

16 03 2015

I passed the screening audition, and then did the callback in front of the grad schools. Why was I nervous? I didn’t want this anyway. I was told if I got 4 callbacks, that would be significant. I got 13. I say this not to brag. But to say that when it is time for you to do something, God is rarely subtle in the delivery. I knew I had to go to grad school. The WHERE was what I needed to figure out. And when I met Eric Hill, who was the head of the UCONN MFA program, and who is a master of THE SUZUKI METHOD OF ACTOR TRAINING, I found where I belonged.

The path from grad school to now, is seemingly so much less clear. There were events and changes and additions and challenges and losses in my life that I never imagined. As REAL LIFE and not ACTING STUDENT LIFE happened to me, I began to form some ideas about approaching acting, and really many of those ideas were also instrumental in how I approach LIFE too.

Let me be clear, this is not going to be a namby-pamby GOD IS GREAT and ALL THINGS WORK TOWARD THE GOOD and JUST LET IT GO TO GOD testimony, because my path thus far has not been anything like that. If faith in God combined with utter lack of faith in God, combined with a fair amount of cursing and brutal QUESTIONING of your faith in God is NOT your cup of tea, then this book is probably not for you.

If, however, you believe that God cannot be “put in a box,” as my beloved undergrad religion teacher Barnes Tatum said, and if you believe that your relationship with God can be TRULY personal, and if you believe that faith has a lot of gray areas, and if you have ever sat up in the middle of the night and cursed out the Almighty because the path was so fucking unclear you were about to give up…. this is your book.

More later…..

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