More on Training

30 03 2015

One of the other things I do, is represent actors that are 25 and under. I am amazed sometimes by the training I have to undo, from “film classes” taught by professors who have never actually stepped in front of a camera themselves. I have also had to inform a flabbergasted actor who just spent $250 on head shots that they need to take different head shots – that are more in the current style of what casting directors are looking for. The list goes on and on. Current knowledge is crucial in this business, and the only people who have current knowledge are professional actors who are currently working.

So, choose your training carefully. Find a school that offers what you need based on the type of actor you want to be. Or, know that you can, and SHOULD, supplement your training by working with a professional actor you admire.

Never think you are done either! You aren’t done. There is always more to learn. There is always room to grow. I have dealt with this temporary flare of the “bad ego” myself! I have a BA, I have an MFA, I have done this play, I have done that film – I DON’T NEED any more training! If a ballet dancer stopped doing the barre exercises, if an athlete did a finite amount of weight training, what would happen? Their art, their sport would suffer because they would not be UP TO the challenge of the work set before them. The same thing happens with us, as actors, when we become complacent and think we’re done.

You’re never done. There is always more life to observe, to experience, to see the nuance in, to revel in. There is always another level to reach.

More later….




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