Silencing the Critic Continued

13 04 2015

Squashing that inner critic, particularly if you have an old, ingrained pattern of thinking, has to be daily battle – one that you revisit when your circumstances change. In my case, an old thinking groove established by my childhood ballet teachers is a wicked little song that goes something like this: “I am not good enough, and even if I have the talent it doesn’t matter, my size determines my worth, everything you worked for can amount to nothing”. It is an insidious little melody, a deep groove in my thinking, that is very easy to slip into whenever I am in a new situation, or when I allow my mind to jump on that crazy train. Retooling my thinking is a choice, one that I have to consciously make – for now.

So, your sense of self needs to be healthy. I am not saying you have to be completely sane, and “ready” before you start. I think this is, like many things, a work in progress. A continuing education, if you will. A moment-by-moment acceptance of yourself. At times, it is more labor intensive than others. But I believe if you work at thinking of yourself as precious, remembering that the hairs on your head are numbered, then there are times when loving yourself is effortless.

Chapter Three


A word about talent… Think of all the successful actors you know. The really successful ones. Now think of which ones you think are talented, and which ones you think cannot act their way out of a paper bag.


I am not trying to be cryptic. It’s not that “talent” does not exist – it certainly does. But not as a universally accepted, unchangeable, inflexible thing. Think back to those actors you think are very talented. Now think about the work they have done. Did you ever see them in a role where they seemed as if they could not act their way out of a paper bag?


Here is what I believe in: instincts, training, preparation, perseverance, and a willingness to look like a complete asshole (angry asshole, silly asshole, ugly asshole, etc) to tell a story that needs to be told.

Talent? That is a flexible thing.

More later…




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