It is Enough…

4 05 2015

I think this knowledge is helpful in becoming completely OPEN to the material you are given to work on. In my personal experience, my habitual gestures, or facial ticks, are a defense mechanism I use to detach myself from people or situations. My personal facial gesture, that I massively overuse, is a crinkled forehead. My Suzuki teacher, Eric Hill, was the first to point this out to me. He would simply say, “Relax your forehead.” I found that when I relaxed my forehead, it was almost as if my spirit re-entered my body. My breath became mine. My vision became mine. I was suddenly IN the moment, and not thinking ahead. Which, let’s face it, is where we need to be to be compelling actors. We need to be in THIS moment – not deflecting it with gestures and facial expressions.

To this day, if I am feeling disconnected from the actor I am working with, or the scene I am auditioning with, I say, “Relax your forehead.” BAM. Spirit is reconnected, I drop into the scene, and I can live moment to moment again. So notice those habitual gestures and facial ticks and expressions you have, and let them go. Watch yourself drop into your work. You don’t need to go overboard and police every second of your work, because then you will be outside of yourself looking in! But DO recognize it, and let it go, much like you might notice a tense muscle in yoga class and release it. Don’t obsess. Just give yourself the note and move on.

This is one of the major elements of Acting on Faith. BELIEVING that just by noticing your habitual gestures, and letting them go, you are allowing yourself to live more freely within the truth of the moment. A moment at a time. You don’t need to obsess, just HAVE FAITH that you have given yourself the note. And just by doing so, you are more fully invested in the moment. It is enough.

More later…College!



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