NYC and 9/11

18 05 2015

See, I had always thought, my entire life, that everyone was just waiting for me to finish my training, and that once I arrived on the scene my career would just START. I had done so much to prepare for this NYC debut, including spending a summer starving/exercising myself back down to a size 8 (SKELETEL for me), and working at some of the most prestigious regional theatres in the country. Surely I had it all! Talent! Skinny! Regional Theatres!!!! But I didn’t know anyone. And no one knew me. And unfortunately, all my training had not included even a bare minimum of primer on how to proceed when no one gives a fuck who you are and what your training is.

SO, 9/11 happened. And in my mind, it confirmed what I felt I already knew about NYC. It wasn’t for me. This was also at the time when tv/film actors were popping up more and more on the Broadway and Regional Theatre stages. I remembered joking with some of my fellow MFA Grad Actors, saying, “I am going to have to go and get semi-famous on TV or in films in order to get to work on the regional theatre stages I have ALREADY worked on as a young adult. We laughed heartily, and then everybody looked scared. Because we knew it was true, even though we didn’t know shit.

But when 9/11 happened and my dreams of “making it” in NYC came to a screeching halt, something even more important than any career I will ever have also happened. I found my faith again. And my FAITH, not my talent, and training, and skinniness (yes NOT my skinny ass) would be what would bring me full circle to the career I always wanted.

I met my husband on the 2nd Avenue stop of the “F” train in Manhattan at 2:30 in the morning on a Thursday, well – Friday morning. I was coming home from a rather disappointing date. The guy I has been out with was going back uptown, I was going home to Brooklyn. We were both a bit drunk. The guy I had been out with screamed my name across the platform, and we talked loudly for quite a while across the platforms until his train came. Then, I pulled out a book I was reading, JUSTINE by Lawrence Durrell, and I leaned against a pillar to wait for the train.

On the pillar next to mine, about 12 feet away, a guy was also leaning against a pillar reading a book. We eyeballed each other a few times, then he walked over to me and said, “Hey there, Ann Mahoney, whatcha reading?” He is now my husband, and amazing father to my two kids. In the grand scheme of things, NYC was not the place I would find my career, but God brought me there to find something even more important – what life was about, and what truly matters.

More later….




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