On Keeping Relevent

8 06 2015

It is also important for your head shot to CHANGE for you to remain RELEVANT. The obvious reasons for a head shot change are: you gained weight, you lost weight, you cut all your hair off, you dyed your hair a drastically different color. However, the other reason to change out a head shot is much more subtle, and has nothing to do with how you look. It has to do with casting directors seeing you again for the first time.

Imagine you are a casting director. You see hundreds of submissions for thousands of roles every year. For a certain amount of time, particularly if you are working a lot, that sameness of head shot may be comforting. “Oh look, there’s Ann Mahoney again!” But after a while, a year or two, the same head shot COULD become like “jeans” to the casting director: they won’t even really SEE your head shot anymore. Let me explain.

A friend of mine who is a costume designer refuses to put jeans on any actor onstage. Refuses. She says putting jeans on an actor is a non-choice, and that so many people in our everyday world wear jeans we don’t even SEE them anymore. They aren’t a part of what we look at on a person’s outfit, they almost blend into the background, because EVERYONE wears them ALL THE TIME.

It is my opinion, that having the same headshot for more than two years at a time makes you almost fade into the background as a casting director looks through a stack of head shots. Comforting for a while, but then, more like jeans. If your head shot is working for you, then go go go! But if you feel a lull in your work, or like you are ready to show something new, get those new head shots. Keep on trend. Keep relevant.

More later…



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