Drop Everything and Audition

6 07 2015

When you Get an Audition – DROP EVERYTHING AND DO IT

Here is what an agent LOVES after three months of weekly “do you have any auditions for me?” phone calls. When it takes you 24 hours to answer an email about an audition. AND THEN when you say you “have to figure out if you can make the audition”. YOU CAN make the audition. Or you aren’t pursuing this as a career – it’s a hobby.

Generally, this is how auditions work: the casting director contacts YOUR AGENT with a list of actors they want to see. Usually, the agent is asked to have talent pick a window of time. For instance, “Auditions will be Wednesday, Oct 30th from 4-7pm, have your talent choose a time.” Then, the agent writes to YOU, the talent, asking you what TIMEFRAME would be most convenient for you. Then your agent WAITS for your response. Meanwhile, all the other agents who were asked to get chosen time for THEIR clients are also waiting.

If you check your emails regularly, within a few hours, your agent should have your preferred window of time. Your agent sends your preferred time to the casting director, and they write back confirming an EXACT time. Let’s say you requested “somewhere between 4 and 4:30pm”. Your agent passes that on to the casting director. Along with everyone else’s requests for timeframes. Then, the casting director sends back exact times. You got “4:12pm”. Your agent calls your or emails you the exact time, and you write back to confirm receipt of the time.

Do you see how NOT checking your email can be prohibitive to this process? You can actually LOSE auditions with a quick turnaround – of which there are MANY these days – by being lax about checking your email. I have had clients request that I “text” them or “call them ALSO” when there is an audition request. Can you imagine remembering the preferences of every client? And sending out 20 emails, 30 texts, and making 25 personal phone calls every time there is an audition? (This could be 25+ auditions a week!) Get over yourself and CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

More later…



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