20 08 2016

I almost didn’t write this post – because I don’t think it’s a very interesting topic.  I think we could spend time talking about so many other aspects of the acting business, the craft of being an actor, and… good God – about a million other interesting things besides this.

But I have my panties in a twist now – so I am going to write about it.

It is disgusting to me that the majority of our discussions around female actresses center around three things:

  1.  Their fashion sense
  2. Their weight
  3. Whether they are aging gracefully – or not

When did the world become a Middle School Locker room?

I am never knocking my skinny sisters – you go girls – you do you – but why why why why do I read endless attacks on actresses who are NOT super thin?  Why?

And not just the attacks – why do we TALK ABOUT IT as if it is the most fucking interesting thing about these actresses?

Think about your Grandma.  Think about your sister.  Your daughter.  Your best girlfriend in high school.  Your Mom.  Your Aunt.  Were they all super skinny?  If they were – YAY genes, but you probably have several women you know, love, and find ATTRACTIVE that are bigger than a size 8.  Size 8, incidentally, is the size Carrie Underwood was when everyone talked about how “fat” she was.

Think about your Grandma, sister, daughter, girlfriend, Mom, or Aunt, and imagine if millions of strangers, the media, magazines, newspapers, Facebook posters, and Twitter posters, took it upon themselves to publicly comment (usually in very vicious fashion) on their:

  1.  Fashion sense (What is Grandma WEARING?)
  2. Their weight  (Whew, Aunt Georgia really let herself goooooooo…)
  3. How well they are aging  (WOW, your MOM needs some BOTOX.)

And see if that doesn’t strike a nerve.  If it doesn’t… check your pulse.

The biggest victims I see lately of the keyboard-warrior-weight-police?  Actresses who have had babies.  Lemme tell ya – I am amazed by women who are able to be back in their high school jeans mere weeks after having a kiddo – I won’t pretend to know their methods for doing so.  BUT – imagine this:

You have watched your actress friends who tried to commit to being a NEW MOM, breastfeed, be up late nights, rearrange all their life priorities, and also – KEEP WORKING, only to see them ridiculed for not “losing the baby weight” fast enough.

So, YOU, the actress who has witnessed this time and again – you have your baby… what might you sacrifice in order to avoid that criticism?  Breastfeeding?  (Again, formula-on my formula-feeding sisters – you do you – this is no knock against you.)  Because not all women LOSE weight when breastfeeding – some women’s bodies actually hold ONTO weight until they STOP breastfeeding.  To avoid that criticism, might you decide not to breastfeed, and get back on a strict diet as soon as possible (which would make milk production rough anyway).  You might, right?

Might you decide you need your rest, so – let’s say you have the money – perhaps you hire a night nurse to get up with the baby so you can sleep.  Your heart aches to do it, but you know that not enough rest makes you hang onto weight, and you don’t want TrollGoober78 to plaster his opinion on your post-delivery thighs for all the world to see.

Might you decide you need to hit the gym for three hours a day, but your husband works too, so – assuming you have the money – you hire a nanny to watch the baby so you can go to the gym.  Again, your heart aches to leave your firstborn, but you need to amaze the public with your bikini-body “JUST SIX WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH!”  (Again, some women come by the NATURALLY, but not all women do.)

Understand, I am not judging the Moms who do these things – I am SAD for them that the public feels so justified in criticizing a woman WHO JUST MADE A PERSON – to the point where that actress Mommy is willing to give up their sacred moments of motherhood to avoid the dreaded commentary from the public, the media, everyone who SHOULD BE FUCKING WORSHIPPING THE GODDESS WHO JUST BROUGHT THE MIRACLE OF LIFE INTO THE WORLD.

Same with aging.  Same with fashion.

Isn’t there ANYTHING more worthy to talk about?



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20 08 2016

Reblogged this on yesanastasia13.

7 12 2016

Thank you so much for this post! 🙂

10 10 2017
Tamara Rice

One of my favorite posts of yours!

6 01 2018
H a s h b r o w n

There is. (Everything else. Particularly, acting performance.)

And, as a new parent, some of my worries are online comment sections, online discussions, group-think/mob mentality at school, my child being bullied, or my child becoming a bully. I pray daily for my child. Aiming to raise my kid to not follow ignorance. If you have tips, please do share.

6 01 2018

Yikes. I don’t know. I just try to raise a kid I want to hang out with, and who I would feel comfortable sending into any group of people. The rest is, I think just being vigilant. Sounds like you are!

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