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Ann Mahoney IMDb resume


The Walking Dead

Sun Records

The True Don Quixote

Logan Lucky

Same Kind of Different

Bad Moms

Good Cop

On Becoming a God

Olivia (recurring)

Gladys Presley (regular)

Janell Kehoe (lead)

Gleema Purdue

Clara (co-star)

Mousey Mom

Guest Star




With: Tim Blake Nelson

Dir: Steven Soderbergh


STX Entertainment



Rectify Beth Mitcherson (recurring) Sundance Channel
Hart of Dixie Mabel (recurring) CW Network
Big Momma’s House 2 Coach Lisa (supporting) 20th Century Fox
Frankenstein Jenna (supporting) USA Network
A Dance for Bethany Sarah Everest (lead) Raise the Bar Prod
Snow Wonder Brenda Wyatt(supporting) CBS Network
Scarlett Anita (recurring) Lifetime
Thief Flo (supporting) F/X Network
Searching for David’s Heart Mrs. Kern (supporting) ABC Family
Flakes Astrid (supporting) Indigent Films
Not Like Everyone Else Mrs. Carroll (supporting) Lifetime
Torn Apart Nurse (supporting) Lifetime
Canal Street Brothel Young Mother (featured) CBS Network
Odd Girl Out Bartender (featured) Lifetime
Hello Sister, Goodbye Life Waitress (featured) Lifetime


Romance of Magno Rubio Clarabelle Ma-Yi Theatre Co.
Rosen and Guild are Dead Ophelia Long Wharf Theatre
Hamlet Hamlet CT Repertory
A Dream Play Agnes Berkshire Theatre Festival
Cloning Judson Samantha Starkey Southern Repertory
The Glass Mendacity Laura True Brew Theatre
Sweet Charity Charity CT Repertory
A Pound of Flesh Voice Berkshire Theatre Festival
Angels in America I & II Harper Pitt CT Repertory
Arcadia Thomasina CT Repertory
West Side Story Anybodys CT Repertory
Boobs! The Musical Various All Kinds of Theatre
A Little Night Music Petra CT Repertory
The Mystery of Edwin Drood Drood CT Repertory

3 responses

11 04 2016
Matthew Koch

hello i was wondering if i could do an interview with you for my school project, i am doing an assignment on TWD. i would have to ask you a few questions that will only take maybe 10-20 mins max.
if you could accept this interview it would be much appreciated as this will most likely get me a higher grade for my research project class. thankyou for your time reading this. 🙂

8 03 2017
Christine Mosere

Hello Ann,
I apologize for contacting you this way, but I was unsure how else to get ahold of you. I am writing from a theatre company in Frederick, MD — Maryland Ensemble Theatre. We are hosting our 13th annual fundraising Prom on April 1st. I saw that you were going to be hosting a class in Hagerstown on March 30th and so I thought you might have a MD connection. I got very excited because we have a bunch of Walking Dead fans attending and we are auctioning off some Walking Dead memorabilia. Well, I thought it would be amazing if we could add something from you (Autographed script? or a recorded message on someone’s cellphone? or anything at all!) to the package to make it more valuable.

Of course, I’m sure you are asked a lot so no pressure is meant. And if you’d like to see more info on us, our website is

Kind regards,

8 03 2017

Hi!!! Try contacting my publicist Maybe some of your actors would want to attend the workshop! Info at 😊😊😊

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